Frequently Asked Questions

How does CTE (Career Technical Education) work?

Most classes meet Monday through Friday, for one to three hours a day, mornings or afternoons, for one or two semesters (4 to 9 months). Some classes are taught entirely in a classroom/lab, while others are partially taught in a classroom/lab along with an "on-the-job" training placement for students at local businesses.

Why should I enroll?

You've heard the saying, "To get the job you need experience, to get the experience you need the job." CTE WORKS provides the hands-on skills needed to pursue a rewarding career in the occupation of your choice. Our program is well respected by the local business community. As such, successfully completing a CTE WORKS course may increase your chances of being hired in a competitive marketplace. All CTE WORKS instructors have industry experience and are known throughout the local business community. Studies indicate that college students who have taken CTE courses change their college major less often, and perform better in their college classes, and graduate faster.

How long are the classes and when do they begin?

Our classes follow the local high school calendars. Traditionally fall semester begins mid to early August and spring semester begins early January. Some classes are open to new students both spring and fall semesters.

Where are the classes held?

Classes are held throughout Placer County at the various training centers and high school campuses. Class schedules and classroom locations are posted in the course descriptions found on the Course Offerings page.

What do I earn after completing a CTE WORKS course?

Upon successfully completing a CTE WORKS course, you will receive a Letter of Competency, listing the skills learned and a Certificate of Completion as documentation of training. In many cases, students become eligible to sit for industry an/ or state certification examinations.

Do I Earn High School Credit?

CTE WORKS is fully accredited for high school credit as determined by the local high school. Some courses have also been approved to satisfy certain graduation requirements (approval varies with each district). High school credit is awarded by the high schools and is based upon the number of hours associated with each class.  Talk to your high school counselor for more information.

Can I receive college credit?

Our classes have agreements with local community colleges.  You may be eligible for articulation credits by successfully completing a CTE WORKS class.  Articulation instructions vary by college and you will receive instructions at the completion of the course.

When I complete my training, am I prepared to enter the job market?

Yes. Earning a CTE WORKS Certificate of Completion demonstrates a preparedness to enter the job market. CTE WORKS offers training that responds to the needs of the current labor market. CTE WORKS conducts annual meetings with hiring managers and employers from the local community who regularly review and evaluate the curriculum and assessments. CTE WORKS courses are equipped with state-of-the-industry equipment and taught by credentialed instructors who possess industry experience in their field. More than 80% of CTE students secure employment and/or continue their education within one year after their training.

What other related services does CTE WORKS provide?

CTE WORKS provides hands-on career training in a wide variety of in-demand skills.  As part of the CTE curriculum, instructors teach job searching skills, such as how to dress for success, fill out job applications, create a resume, and handle the job interview. Instructors also emphasize the "soft skills" requested and required by all employers such as demonstrating a good work ethic, effective communication, punctuality, dedication and loyalty, and teamwork.

Will CTE WORKS find me a job?

CTE WORKS does not currently offer job placement services. However, training in local businesses may lead to a job offer after completing the course. Our instructors also work closely with local businesses to match candidates with available opportunities that may open.

How can partner with CTE WORKS as a business?

CTE WORKS has several opportunities for business partners and community members to be a part of our learning activities in a way that best fits their needs including, guest speaking engagements, curriculum advisory, field trips, job shadows, and internships.  Each instructor works individually with community partners to meet the individual needs of the instructor, student, and partner. Interested businesses and community partners should email and ask for the name and phone number of the instructor associated with your business or industry area.


compass.pngOur vision is for all students to become career-ready with support from family, educators, and the business community.


curved-road.jpgOur mission is to create viable career and educational opportunities for all students by teaching relevant skills that combine hands-on training with academic knowledge.

Desired Student Learning Outcomes

Target-trans.pngQuality employment candidates who...

  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic and effective time management skills
  • Exhibit outstanding attendance and punctuality
  • Complete assignments on time with high quality
  • Perform professionally as individuals and team member
  • Use appropriate business etiquette and protocols

Target-trans.pngProblem solvers who...

  • Think critically to make informed decisions and solve problems
  • Creatively seek innovative solutions
  • Objectively apply policies and principles to new situations
  • Effectively apply industry tools and systems

Target-trans.pngLeaders who...

  • Model personal integrity and ethical behavior
  • Effectively manage individuals and teams
  • Successfully balance multiple responsibilities and relationships
  • Acquire and communicate information clearly and concisely
  • Demonstrate respect for diverse cultures and individual perspectives
  • Develop multiple learning styles to adapt to different situations

Target-trans.pngCareer planners who...

  • Make effective decisions using relevant career information
  • Demonstrate skills and strategies to gain employment
  • Know the qualities, skills, and education necessary to succeed
  • Understand trends that affect careers and the need for lifelong learning
  • Identify interests, career pathways, and a plan for ongoing educational options

Target-trans.pngTechnology users who...

  • Creatively apply current technology
  • Employ emerging technology to accomplish tasks efficiently
  • Use technology ethically and responsibly

Target-trans.pngEffective communicators who...

  • Actively listen and effectively respond to all forms of communication
  • Apply reading and conventional writing skills
  • Articulate thoughts clearly and concisely in a professional setting

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